The Hints

The Hints

– Anonymous

A couple of years ago one of my best friends passed away unexpectedly. We will call him Michael.

This loss devastated so many people, I being one of them. He was someone I could talk to, who actually listened and who helped me solve my problems instead of just listening to them.

We had quite a bit in common and could talk on the phone for hours.

Lately, he’s been on my mind a lot lately, and I’ve been wanting to know if he’s around me. So I contacted a psychic medium and he gave me a reading.

He mentioned some things that were my friend to a T. He loved computers and video games, he apparently is the person moving items around my house (real life… this keeps happening).

One thing he told me was that Michael was showing he was around by leaving me white feathers.

For the first couple of days after my reading, I looked and looked. White feathers? I didn’t see a thing.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, I was having a really hard day.

I was headed back to work from lunch, when I looked out the front of my car and there was a white feather slowly floating down from a tree. It landed on my hood and I looked at it for a minute.

It was nice to know at that time he was with me. It helped my day get better.


So keep an eye out for signs from your loved ones. Chances are if you randomly start thinking about them, there’s a reason for that.

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